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Ethernet DMX Bridge V0.6
The further development of DMX Bridge V0.4 - now with full 512 DMX channels.News: As we are also struggling with the general shortage of components, we were unfortunately only able to produce a small batch. The ATMega 644p used as TQFP is currently not available at all. For this reason, please forgive the slight price adjustment.We still had a few ATMega 644p and from the remaining stocks of a friendly electronics company we were able to get hold of ATMega 1284p. These are equivalent to the 644p in terms of function and interfaces, but have more memory that is not needed for the application.Only when you flash the bridge yourself do you have to compile the code for the other microcontroller. The microcontroller used can be identified on the sticker and is also supported by MightyCore.The Ethernet DMX Bridge is used to receive UDP packets from any network source and convert them into DMX signals according to the protocol. The advantage over Artnet DMX is that no special programme (player) is needed to generate the Artnet signals. The protocol is simple, so that the Ethernet DMX Bridge can be controlled from almost any network-compatible device.The software was developed by Robert Lechner and made available in the Loxone forum. The first setups consisted of an Arduino with Ethernet Shield and RS485 interface. The self-built boards work flawlessly and form the basis for the module developed by cod.m completely as open source and for mounting on the top-hat rail.Version 0.5 uses the latest version of the software with dedicated serial of the newly installed ATMega 644p to have more memory for the full number of DMX channels (512).Features: Full 512 DMX channels addressable ATMega 644p@16MHz or ATMega 1284@16MHz with Arduino bootloader (MightyCore) Dedicated serial for DMX bus Phoenix-Contact DIN Rail housing Unique MAC address (EUI-48) Power-saving W5500 WizNet Ethernet chip Reverse polarity protection TVS diode for DMX bus Input voltage range 7-28V Pluggables screw terminals for easy connections CE, RoHS, WEEE Open source Note: The DMX Bridge V0.5/V0.6 has enough memory to address a full 512 channels in DMX. However, it is still a 16MHz microcontroller - dimming many channels at once can cause performance bottlenecks.The development of the original DMX-Bridge V0.4 can be read in the blog starting with the prototype: stock is not available, you can sign up to be notified.Feel free to contact us for larger orders.DownloadsOperation Manual Ethernet DMX Bridge V0.6
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