CC1101 Raspberry Pi SPI Modul V0.4
Adapter board including CC1101 soldered with u.FL/IPX antenna socket for direct connection to the GPIO bar (SPI) of (e.g.) the Raspberry Pi.The board is a simple way to operate the well-known CC1101 radio chip directly on the GPIO strip of the Raspberry Pi. It is simply plugged in from pin 17 and can then be addressed via the SPI bus.This makes it possible, for example, to connect Homematic or Max! components via Homegear. The open-source board (CC-BY-SA) was created in collaboration with the Homegear forum to eliminate the usual cable and connection clutter.Contents CC1101 SPI adapter, incl. CC1101 module (soldered on). Instruction manual Please order antenna and u.FL antenna adapter accordingly. See accessories.