Pixel Range Extender OUT-Modul

Product information "Pixel Range Extender OUT-Modul"

The Pixel Range Extender OUT module adds another output module to the Pixel Range Extender to multiply the signal.

This allows one controller to control several strips in parallel over a distance of up to 500 metres. The controller controls only one stripe with (e.g.) 300 LEDs. By connecting the Range Extender to several OUT modules, this signal can be multiplied to other strips of the same type and length.

The IN module of the Pixel Range Extender translates the 800 kHz signal of the Pixel Controller into a differential signal that can be tapped several times from the bus by OUT modules.

For more information, see the connection diagram for Pixel Multi Out.


  • up to 500m cable length
  • Minimum power consumption of 0.003W (without 120Ω resistor)
  • +/- 15kV ESD protection
  • integrated terminating resistor, switchable by solder jumper


  • cod.m Pixel Range Extender OUT, Art. No. 90066

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