WLED Controller RGB/5m Premium Starterkit 12V/WS2815 (WiFi)

Product information "WLED Controller RGB/5m Premium Starterkit 12V/WS2815 (WiFi)"

WLED Controller RGB/5m Premium Starterkit 12V/WS2815 (Wi-Fi) for easy entry into the world of addressable LEDs.

To make it as easy as possible to enter the world of neopixels/digital strips, we have put together a high-quality starter kit.

12V version: With 5m WS2812 RGB 12V pixel strip and fused capacitor board with matching fuse.

The heart of the kit is of course our already established WLED Pixel Controller (Wi-Fi) which enables the control of the LEDs. The set also includes a 5-metre WS2815 12V IP30 RGB quality strip with 60 pixels per metre, ready to plug into the controller, and a 60W plug-in power supply (5A/12V).

The controller is completely configured for the supplied strip and only needs to be integrated into the existing WLAN to be controlled via web interface, smartphone app or the interfaces provided by WLED.

The package includes an original MeanWell power supply and 5m RGB WS2815 12V strips from BTF-Lighting. Power is supplied via our Fused Power Capacitor, through which the LEDs are fused and which contains the recommended capacitor.
A high quality standard in the composition of the components was very important for us to achieve a professional result.

Optionally, we offer JST SM extensions to mount the strip slightly away from the controller. The maximum length of the data line between controller and strip is 2m. For longer distances we recommend our Pixel Range Extender.

Important: The Strip has a maximum power of 72W (14.4W/m) at 5m. The power supply delivers 60W total power, which is more than sufficient for most effects. Full power is only needed at full brightness and simultaneous use of all colour channels (RGB). This power is limited to 60W (5000mA) by the configuration in WLED. This safety preset must always be maintained when operating with the supplied power supply to prevent overloading the power supply.

For more information on power consumption and basic functionality, see the blog article: https://allgeek.de/2021/03/25/wled-wlan-pixel-controller/ (German)


  • WLED Pixel Controller (WLAN/Wi-Fi) (item no. 90060) with JST SM socket, suitably configured 
  • Fused Pixel Power Capacitor Board (art. no. 90062) with 5A fuse and capacitor, mounted with connection cable (hollow plug socket, approx. 30cm)
  • 5m BTF-Lighting Pixelstrip WS2815 12V RGB IP30 with 60px/m (White- or Black-PCB), mounted with connectors 
  • MeanWell 12V/5A plug-in power supply, SGA60E12-P1J 1m connection cable with hollow plug socket
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31 August 2022 14:29

Review with rating of 5 out of 5 stars

Sehr gut!

Das Set bestellt. Schnell da. Auspacken. Anschließen. WLAN einstellen und los gehts. Die Möglichkeiten haben mich fast erschlagen. Echt genial. Bitte macht weiter so.

Our feedback: ❤️❤️


Average rating of 5 out of 5 stars

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